Why Uber Foods?

Sun Park Co. owns and operates organic super-fruit farms in Southern Greece, near Corinth, since 2014. The Company is owned and operated by young, knowledgeable entrepreneurs, fully dedicated to growing and selling organic super foods of superior quality and taste. We are committed to top quality standards; our products are certified organic and are non-GMO project verified. We use earth-loving, sustainable cultivation techniques and harvest processes to guarantee the highest quality products with natural pureness. Before a new farm is set up, a strict and intensive quality assurance process is established that secures the existence of organic-dense and chemical-free soil, and the ongoing pure water supply. Each site is assessed by independent auditors and all Uber Foods farms receive EU-approved certifications for soil and water pureness.

The intensive sunlight that our farms enjoy, allows for more photosynthesis and naturally higher polysaccharide production than average. Also, the mild weather conditions during wintertime reduces the plants stress.

The use of non-organic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides is totally prohibited while organic fertilizers are sparingly used so as the natural equilibrium is always maintained. Our continuous scientific monitoring ensures that our production meets the highest food quality standards. Additionally, our production processes and quality assurance mechanisms are scientifically crafted, blue-printed, standardized, and sacredly followed.

Our plants are hand-harvested and fruits are promptly stored and packaged precluding their oxidization and securing their optimum preservation. Our custom designed packaging allows the fruits’ natural moisture level to be retained while satisfying the shelf stability required.



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