Greek Certified Organic Zea Emmer Flour

Zea Emmer Flour: The most nutritional cereal!

Zea Emmer whole grain (Triticum Dicoccum) is one of the oldest cultivated grains of our time as its production was widespread in antiquity (dating back about 17,000 years) and was a key component in the diet of ancient Greeks.

Zea Emmer whole grain, which has a medium brown color and an elongated shape, has been largely replaced by other varieties of wheat which are easier to grow and have a higher yield.

Referred also as Emmer or Farro flour, Zea Emmer grain has a very rich nutritional profile as it contains high levels of important micronutrients, vitamins and fiber which make it superior to other grains.

Zea Emmer is a first-class grain. It is two times richer in dietary fiber, in comparison with common wheats, a fact that makes it a good choice for people suffering from diabetes and digestion problems. Additionally, Zea Emmer grain is two times richer in protein and features a high content of the amino acid lysine and vitamins A, B, C and E. Lysine increases protein absorption, strengthens the immune system and plays a key role in brain’s biochemical functioning.

Another key benefit of Zea Emmer grain is its high content in magnesium, up to 40% higher in comparison with other grains. Zea Emmer grain flour is also very low in gluten (2.3mg per 100g), a fact that allows people with gluten or wheat allergies to also enjoy this flour. It is also easily digested, especially compared to conventional wheats, due to its simple genetic makeup and high solubility in water.

With a deep earthy flavor and creamy texture, Zea Emmer flour is very tasty and suitable to make delicious loaves of bread, cakes or pasta, while it’s easy to cook, with raising agents added. Perfect for Italian, Mediterranean and American cuisines.





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