Greek Certified Organic Sea Berries

Sea berry or sea buckthorn (Hippophae) is a miracle fruit. It contains several biologically active nutrients including all major vitamins (A, B complex, C, D, E, K & P), 18 amino acids, carotenoids including Lycopene, folic acids, flavonoids including Quercetin, polyphenols, and minerals such as iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, potassium, selenium and magnesium). Sea berries are also an excellent source of omega fatty acids (omega-3,6,7 and 9) and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Rich in antioxidants, sea berries help your body’s immune system and boost cardiovascular health, normalize blood sugar and increase blood circulation. Also known as the “Holy Fruit”, sea berries’ nutrients promote the natural detoxification of the body.

Aside from their powerful nutritive profile, sea berries have a strong tart flavor which makes them sometimes difficult to eat. Now, you can enjoy the benefits if this super-fruit with Uber Foods sea berry jam. Combining our sweet sea berry variety with a traditional jam recipe makes a delicious superfood.

10 Health Benefits of Sea berries:

  1. Promotes skin and eye health
  2. Boosts energy levels
  3. Supports cognitive functions
  4. Enhances immune function
  5. Boosts cardiovascular health
  6. Improves sugar tolerance and weight management
  7. Strengthens gastrointestinal and liver health
  8. Antiaging booster
  9. Supports periodontal health
  10. Improves digestion


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