Greek Certified Organic Goji Berries

Goji berry: the organic nutritional powerhouse

Goji berries have been used in Asian herbal and holistic medicine for over 5,000 years. They are among the most nutrient-rich foods on earth, as they are packed with essential amino acids and possess over 20 trace minerals and vitamins. This powerful super-fruit is also an excellent source of antioxidants and has the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC1) among fruits and vegetables.

Goji berries are rich in vitamin A (beta-carotene) which helps promote a healthy skin and an excellent source of vitamin C and can reduce cold symptoms, help boost the immune system, increase energy and protect the eyes.

The fruit is low in calories, fat-free and packed with fiber. Goji berries are plump, juicy, and absolutely delicious.

Couple all this with our certified organic, non-GMO verified, growth and harvest processes, throw-in the Greek sun, clean air and you have the Uber Foods goji.

Our goji berries, of the Lycium Barbarum family, contain many vitamins, micronutrients and phytochemicals, including:

- 11 essential and 22 trace dietary minerals

- 18 amino acids (out of existing 20)

- 6 vitamins. Goji berries are particularly rich in Vitamins A, B complex and C

- 8 proteoglycan polysaccharides which represent up to a third of fruit’s pulp weight essential unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid

- beta-sitosterol and other phytosterols

- carotenoids, including beta-carotene (7 mg per 100g of dried fruit) and zeaxanthin (up to 82.4 mg per 100g of dried fruit which makes goji berries one of the richest edible fruit sources known), lutein, lycopene and cryptoxanthin

- numerous phenolic pigments associated with antioxidant properties

Select minerals and vitamins given below are for 30 g of dried goji berries:

- Calcium: 102 mg, providing about 9% of the dietary reference intake (DRI)

- Potassium: 1,029 mg, DRI: 22%  Iron: 8 mg, DRI: 91%

- Zinc: 2 mg, DRI 16%  Selenium: 45 micrograms, DRI: 83%

- Riboflavin (vitamin B2): 1.2 mg, DRI: 91%

- Vitamin C: 135 mg, DRI: 148%

Goji Berries scores the highest ORAC1 (oxygen radical absorbency capacity) score among fruits and vegetables indicating its high antioxidant properties which is renowned of:

Fruits ORAC Score Grams Needed to Reach DRI2 Vegetables ORAC Score Grams Needed to Reach DRI
Goji berries 25,300 20 Garlic 1,939 258
Aronia berries 16,062 31 Spinach 1,770 282
Prunes 5,770 87 Brussels sprouts 980 510
Raisins 2,830 177 Broccoli 880 568
Blueberries 2,400 208 Avocado 782 639
Blackberries 2,036 246 Baked beans 503 994
Strawberries 1,540 325 Onions 450 1,111
Plums 949 527 Corn 400 1,250
Oranges 750 667 Peas, Frozen 375 1,333
Cherries 670 746 Eggplant 390 1,282
Red grapes 739 677 Potato 300 1,667
Grapefruit 495 1,010 Cabbage 295 1,695
Apples 218 2,294 Carrot 210 2,381
Banana 210 2,381 Tomato 195 2,564
Pears 134 3,731 Cucumber 60 8,333


For example, receiving the daily ORAC dose from apples, one would need to eat approximately 2,294 grams of apple or more than 20 apples. However, eating just 20 grams of Goji berries will cover the daily required ORAC dose.


  1. ORAC is the standard test, adopted by the US Department of Agriculture, to measure the potency of antioxidants in food. The ORAC test provides the free-radical-destroying potential of a given food. It does this by measuring the time an antioxidant takes to react as well as the capacity of antioxidants within the sample food. The measurement is expressed in terms of a 100-gram sample. It has been suggested that humans should consume about 5000 ORAC units a day for maximum benefits.
  2. Suggested Dietary Reference Intake



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